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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fans chart planes to show 'Wenger In' and 'Wenger Out' banners during WBA loss

It seems that not even Arsenal fans are still divided when it comes to deciding Arsene Wenger's fate as coach.

What started as a way to voic their thoughts about their beloved team ended up being an embarrassment for Arsenal supporters.
A banner demanding Arsene Wenger's sacking flew over The Hawthorns during the first half of the match against West Brom, which eventually saw the Gunners lose 3-1, but just a couple of minutes later, another banner supportiing Arsene Wenger flew over the same stadium. Is it really that hard for Arsenal fans to make up their minds?
Here is the first banner:
The other banner flew over two minutes later.
Of course, fans from other teams made up their mind sooner and slammed those who charted the planes to show these banners. Have a look at their reactions.