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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Perez believes that Ronaldo will stay at Real

Florentino Perez as the only candidate won a new four-year presidential term in Real Madrid, his first task is to keep the Cristiano Ronaldo in club.

FOTO: Real Madrid

Portuguese superstar is reportedly a number of media unexpectedly announced departure from Madrid, is everything related to alleged tax evasion, it is still unknown. Perez will discuss with Ronaldo at the end of the Confederations Cup in Russia, which will end on 2 July.
Ronaldo is the player Real Madrid. We are thrilled him, but the newspaper has emerged a story that is dissatisfied with the treatment in the payment of taxes. I think it is best for the club and for him to stay. We'll see. Cristiano is a player Real and some very strange should happen, that it would not stay , "said Perez.
Perez said that the intention of Ronaldovo when he was sent to cover the Portuguese sports newspaper A Bola. This is closely related to Ronaldovim agent Jorge Mendes. According to the Portuguese journalists should be Ronaldova decision is final.
Perez flatly refused to club may pay any Ronaldovo penalty that would have put her tax office: " This I do not see any sense. I am also convinced that Ronaldo would not have wanted. If he's mad, certainly not a money, but for its treatment in the media. "
Last time I spoke with him, he was in Cardiff. Everything was normal, he was happy and excited. We talked about next season ," said Perez and denied to talk with an agent Mendes.
I know him. He's a good guy, so footballer and a person. All this is very strange. I need to talk to him. Everybody in the club are confident that he always wanted to meet their financial obligations. We proceed from the assumption of innocence. Some things media have also affected me, although I do not have anything to do with this. he is a man of solidarity. His lawyers say that this is nothing. There may be a misunderstanding, certainly not the intention. he believed that he had done no offense and all this accusations are affected. Even to me , "said Perez, adding: " Ronaldo is not a hunter on the money. he wants to be the best footballer the world money in the second plan . "
Perez also said that he did not get any bids not for Ronaldo not for James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata, who are the target of the summer speculation.