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Friday, February 2, 2018

Super Bowl 2018: Live stream - Time, Channel, Online live Stream


After 13 years, New England and Philadelphia will play again at Super Bowl, each of which in the conference finals have reaped the advantage of the home court.

Much more work was given to the defender of the New England title, which, with 24:20, set the biggest surprise of the season in Jacksonville, which rode on the waves of the granite defense. Before the match, there was much talk about the injury to Tom Brady's arm , which was completely limited to most of the first half. Visiting assistant Blake Bortles showed the best moves during the opening half-time when he led two consecutive strikes with a shot and Jaguars quickly took 14: 3.


The second half played without the Gronkow
Patriots, the only bright beam showed in the last attack, when they had crossed the pitch in the last two minutes, Brady sent Brandin Cooks into the final zone . Rob Gronkowski (uncontested Brady target number 1) got hit in the head and could no longer return to the court.

US viewers can download the NBC Sports Live Extra app for that iPad and iPod touch. Visiting the NFL website for the desktop will even initiate a live stream. Again, no cable subscription is required, meaning you won’t must enter any Comcast or Time Warner credentials.

Due to an exclusivity agreement Verizon has for streaming the sport to smartphones, separate apps will be required for viewing from an iPhone. Yet to be released in the App Store, an app called Super Bowl Stadium will offer you instant replays from four different camera angles alongside commercials. Verizon customers on a More Everything plan will be able to get a live stream of the game from the NFL Mobile app.

Therefore if you’re a non-Verizon customer looking to stream the game live from an iPhone, you’re at a complete loss. You only get replays and commercials.

And unfortunately, overseas viewers will have to buy a $9.99 NFL Game Pass if they want to watch the game live or on-demand.